ThrillHer Diamonds was opened in 2010 as an alternative to cookie-cutter designs, overpriced diamonds, and the pushy sales experiences provided by chain jewelers.  We represented a safe haven for fair treatment and great prices in a difficult economy, and continue to do so.  Our goal is not to make the most money from a sale but to provide a “friend in the business” that you can trust and come back to for all your jewelry needs. 

We are not your parent’s boring jeweler!  Forget the stuffy atmosphere, the pushy salesmen, and the high prices.  If a relaxed experience aimed at capturing the uniqueness of your special project sounds more appealing, then let the excitement of jewelry buying start with us!  ThrillHer Diamonds is as much a philosophy as a storefront.  The buying process is meant to be fun and simple, the product is meant to captivate with both beauty and value.

Buying diamond jewelry should not be a secretive process.  All of our customers deserve to know the “tricks of the trade”, and how to best maximize any budget.  We replace the sales pitch with accurate information from decades of industry experience.   Then we listen to you.  In a fun and relaxed atmosphere, we guide you through the steps of building a truly exquisite and custom piece.  Then we get to work, delivering on time and on budget.

Straight Talk.  No Surprises.  The Best Price & Quality.  We Promise to Thrill!